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Want my insights on what is REALLY going on with your thyroid?

Thyroid Mystery Solved Podcast

A real, case-based, top rated podcast that is helping tens of thousands find answers to their frustrating thyroid, Hashimoto’s and autoimmunity issues and see that they are not alone in their health struggles.

Inna speaks from a wealth of her own experience as well as with some of the best minds in functional medicine to get to the root of each mystery. She shares these life altering stories and inspires and educates you to take action and see things from every angle.

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Unexplained health issues plague millions of people.

You know something is wrong but nobody seems to know exactly how to fix it. Instead, you are offered things to try and cover up the symptoms or may even be told that it’s all in their head. You are left feeling frustrated, confused, and lost. You’re stuck in a health mystery.

Does this sound like YOU
or someone you know?

When it comes to dealing with your frustrating thyroid, Hashimoto’s and other autoimmunity and inflammation symptoms, you have to really understand where they stem from and look at them from all angles. You have to be a detective in finding the root cause of the issues.

That’s exactly what I do in Thyroid Mystery Solved – Hypothyroid and Hashimoto’s Revealed.

This podcast is all about finding the answers to those unexplained, nagging, and frustrating thyroid and health mysteries. Mysteries I know all too well because I was trapped in one for almost a decade. It affected my work, my family, my social life, and my happiness.

Eventually, I found the answers, regained my health and got my life back. Now, I host this show to help more people solve their own health mysteries.

This podcast has so much useful information. Its helped me put together so many pieces of my personal health puzzle that were only partially solved only to worsen over time. Inna’s solved mysteries have encouraged me to proactively work with an integrative practitioner to investigate the root. I sometimes listen to the episodes more than once because the content is so rich. I have more hope for a healthier future than I’ve had in a long time!

Inna is brilliant and explains things in laments terms not over complicating her explanations and speaking over you. Her vast knowledge is expansive in a variety of areas and the advise she puts out is super impactful

So looking forward to every episode! Inna amazes me with all of the answers she has to even the most complex of health problems. I can’t wait to hear more of how she’s helped people discover the missing pieces of their health puzzle and how connected our minds and bodies are.

You are very talented, and I always gain so much from them. I especially loved this recent one on emotional resiliency. I took two full pages of notes and it really hit home for me right now. I can’t wait to utilize what I learned, thank you!

Your explanation of evaluating thyroid function is the BEST and most delightful I have ever heard—thank you! Wish everyone could explain things as well as you do.

Inna delivers invaluable information in a clear and understandable way that we can all relate to. I am hypothyroid and have hashimotos and have learned so many things from her that have truly changed my life. Thank you Inna! I’m a fan for life.

If you have Hashimoto’s for thyroid problems, this is a must listen to! She has so many different topics with so much information, and I love how she uses real cases in each of her podcast to give good examples of different things we each go through. It helps clear up the confusion with hashimotos, because sometimes the research we do can give us an accurate information.

Inna does an amazing job of thoroughly explaining the ins and outs of thyroid health. She breaks it down so that it’s easily understandable and gives you the tools to approach your issues with confidence.

As I deal with thyroid issues, my lab numbers don’t match my symptoms and the doctors are satisfied that things are where they should be, but I don’t want to have to settle for these symptoms. So grateful to Inna for putting information out there that gives me a place to start so I don’t have to just live with the symptoms I have!

What I love about this podcast is the focus on healing the whole person, mind and body. Not just dietary, clinical and lifestyle advice. Not just a list of supplements to take but a reminder to keep your eye on foundational things like supporting the nervous system, stress, mindset, subconscious mind, etc. A thoughtful look at individual cases with a global health lesson for everyone. I hav Ed gotten so much good information from this podcast when I was struggling with thyroid issues.

Inna is very knowledgeable in this field since she has Hashimoto’s herself. Her tips are so helpful and so simple anyone can benefit from the podcasts. I’m glad I found her and will continue to listen to her advice.

I am so happy I found this podcast! I feel like these thyroid episodes are written about me! I just started seeing a Functional Medical doctor and finally someone is listening to me! Thank you Inna! I am excited to listen to a new episode everyday!

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Hi, I’m Inna


I’m a leading thyroid and Hashimoto’s expert and a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Nutrition Specialist practicing a functional approach to thyroid health.

My patients, clients and students consider me a health detective.

I refuse to accept the unexplained and look at thyroid in a much more detailed way. In this podcast, I share real cases where I reveal how I solved the thyroid issue and give the exact protocols that I used with my clients and students to help them feel like their old selves again. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and revealing practical step by step guides to help you feel better too.

The answers are out there, you just have to know where to find the clues. Whether you are newly diagnosed with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism or have been dealing with thyroid challenges for a while, you will gain really valuable insights with my in depth and heartfelt explanations.

It’s time for you to solve your thyroid mystery without having to spend hours a day researching or struggling to make sense of contradicting information.
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