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Organic Acid Testing

Organic Acid Testing

The organic acid metabolic profile assesses your body’s most vital processes, major organ systems and essential nutrient levels to pinpoint imbalances that lead to disease. The results reveal root causes of any symptoms you may have and also serve as a great tool to gauge overall health.

The Profile interprets your health by looking at 6 predominant categories:

  1. Energy and Cardiovascular Health – B Vitamin Deficiency
    Energy production, cardiovascular health, as well as muscle and nerve function are just a few of the things dependent on having sufficient B-vitamins. Periods of stress and perspiration can easily deplete your B-Vitamin supply, making shortages very common. Even modest deficits can noticeably affect your energy levels. Discovering and fixing these issues can have a dramatic and immediate impact in your daily life as well as continued well-being down the road.
  2. Fat Burning Capacity – Cellular Energy
    How efficiently do your cellular engines (called mitochondria) produce energy? All body processes depend on this key activity. If you are having trouble losing weight and keeping it off, poor cellular health and energy is often the culprit. It can also lead to fatigue, muscle weakness , or even aging if left untreated.
  3. Neural Function
    Regulate your mood, feel less stressed and have more energy by measuring and fixing the levels of chemicals that your nervous system uses to properly function and communicate with your body. Mental, emotional and behavior problems like depression and anxiety are often traced back to neurotransmitter imbalances, such as abnormal levels of seratonin, epinepherine and norepinephrine which are measured here.
  4. Detoxification
    Like a backed-up sewer, an impaired detoxification system can lead to chronic health problems such as headaches, insomnia, nausea, brain fog and chemical sensitivities. Measure how well your liver eliminates internal and external toxins to maintain a healthy and balanced body.
  5. Digestion and Microbial Balance
    Measure the presence of unfriendly bacteria living in your digestive system. If found, we naturally eradicate any harmful microbes to relieve complaints of indigestion, bloating and bowel issues like IBS.
  6. Oxidative Stress – The Measure of Free Radical Damage
    Free radicals are harmful molecules that damage our cells and cause mutations in our DNA leading to cancer, heart disease, stroke and accelerated aging. They can be created through the process oxidation by external sources such as pollution, pesticides or radiation similar to a piece of metal that is starting to rust. The amount of oxidative materials in our atmosphere is slowly increasing predisposing our cells to greater degree of damage than ever before. This type of oxidation also happens naturally in the human body during normal processes of energy production, further contributing to damage from within.Antioxidant nutrients protect us against this damaging process by combating and neutralizing these damaging free radicals. Establish the level of damage free radicals may have done on your cells and find out if you are getting enough antioxidants to protect your body and prevent disease.The systems of the body work together, not in isolation, so it is often difficult to know where to begin to treat a complex condition. This is especially true when a condition involves a myriad of symptoms happening all at once. Looking at the body as a whole through the above 6 categories gives insight into the causes of disease and can help you make the necessary diet and lifestyle changes to correct your ailments and enhance your quality of life.A single urine specimen will provide important information for identifying and alleviating conditions such as:

    • Weight gain
    • Autoimmune disorders
    • Bloating and gas
    • Blood sugar dysregulation
    • Fatigue
    • Headaches
    • Hypertension
    • Detoxification issues
    • Mood changes
    • Muscle and joint pain
    • Sleep abnormalities

The Metabolic Profile utilizes organic acid technology, which is like an emission test performed on your car. The exhaust is examined to see how efficiently the engine is burning fuel. Similarly, certain compounds called “organic acids” in your urine reveal the efficiency of your body’s machinery.

Many organic acids result from the metabolic pathways, or chemical reactions, your body uses to transform food into energy, growth, maintenance, and repair of body tissue. Like spark plugs that ignite fuel in a car engine, vitamins and other essential nutrients are necessary for there chemical reactions that power your metabolic machinery. Thousands of these reactions occur in your body every second and are the basis of your level of health and vitality.

Many enzymes require nutrients such as specific vitamins and minerals in order to perform their functions in converting one molecule to another. If specific nutrients are not available in adequate amounts, important reactions cannot occur as effectively as they should.

Visualize this process as a dam blocking a stream: very little water is flowing downstream and an overflow is occurring upstream. The Organix Profile measures the overflow of certain organic acids in your urine to determine what blockages may be occurring in your metabolic pathways due to nutrient insufficiencies or other issues.

Test Pricing and Insurance

This test is covered by United and Cigna as they are in network with Genova Labs who performs the test. If you have a different insurance or do not have insurance, the cost of this test is $200-400. Our prices are much lower than other companies’ because we do not up-charge for any of our tests. If your insurance carrier does not cover the test, you only pay the base cost directly to the lab. We encourage you to submit the lab receipt to your insurance carrier as many patients get fully reimbursed.

We do need an initial appointment first so that we can get a detailed health history and get to know you (we cannot legally run tests on people who are not our patients) but also we can customize the metabolic test that would be the most beneficial for you as there are a few different panels available. Depending on your concerns and goals, the panels that are best for you may be different than some other patients.

Furthermore, a big part of the initial consultation focuses on eating habits and food education so that you know not just what foods are best but also how to combine them and time meals properly. This is essential because food is the foundation to everything that we do and needs to be used in conjunction with the information that shows up in the metabolic profile. We also look at the reasons why patients develop metabolic imbalances in the first place and work on not just fixing what comes up on the test but also healing your whole system to prevent these and future issues and optimize your overall health. This process of looking at the whole body guarantees the most success and the quickest results with your program.

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