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Are Immune Supplements Safe for Hashimoto’s? Here is What You Need to Know

How to Fight Colds/Flu That is Safe for Hashimoto’s

Winter can be a challenging time, especially for those with autoimmunity like Hashimoto’s. The usual advice for boosting immunity may not apply, and some commonly recommended supplements can even trigger flare-ups. In this episode, I’m sharing the essential strategies to stay healthy this winter without causing a Hashimoto’s flare-up.

Staying Updated on Immune Protocols

Staying abreast of the latest immune protocols is crucial. In this episode, I’ll share my most recent Hashimoto’s-safe immune protocols, incorporating the newest research and insights to help you navigate the winter season with confidence.

Tailored Advice for Autoimmunity

Generic immune-boosting advice may not be suitable for those with Hashimoto’s or other autoimmune conditions. Understanding the nuances of your overactive immune system is key. In this episode, I explain more in-depth why following standard recommendations can potentially exacerbate your condition and explore a more personalized approach.

Cautionary Note: Immune-Boosting Supplements to Steer Clear of with Hashimoto’s

Standard recommendations, such as Echinacea, Astragalus, Reishi, and Elderberry, can potentially trigger adverse reactions for those with autoimmunity. These supplements, often included in various immune formulations, may inadvertently stimulate an already overactive immune system, leading to potential flare-ups. To ensure your wellness regimen is tailored to your specific needs, it’s advisable to avoid these immune-boosting herbs and supplements. Always scrutinize product labels to confirm their absence in the formulations you’re considering, as even seemingly benign formulations may contain these ingredients. 

Choosing the Right Supplements

The good news is that not all immune-boosting supplements are off-limits! After years of finding answers for myself and my Hashimoto’s and immune-compromised clients, I’ve carefully curated a list of safer options, including:

  • Vitamin C: An often-overlooked powerhouse for immune support.
  • Vitamin D: Essential for winter, with dosage recommendations based on individual needs.
  • Zinc + Quercetin: A dynamic duo for prevention and healing, with a crucial tip on maintaining mineral balance.
  • Garlic: A potent, quick-acting option with guidelines on when and how to use it.
  • Liposomal Glutathione: An immune balancer and antioxidant to help support your body’s defenses.
  • Specialized Pro-Resolving Mediators (SPM): Aids in taming inflammation and balancing the immune system.

Bonus Protocol for Optimal Winter Recovery

For those seeking a detailed roadmap to navigate through illness and help prevent Hashimoto’s flare-ups, here’s an exclusive bonus protocol designed to be followed for 7-10 days or until you experience improvement *please be sure to always check with your medical doctor before starting any new protocol*:

  • Vitamin C (5000-6000mg per day): Administer in divided doses, whether you prefer the effervescent delight of C+BioFizz dissolved in water or the convenience of capsules like Stellar C. If you encounter loose stools, consider the refrigerated Liposomal Vitamin C, aiding absorption through mucous membranes.
  • Zinc (1 capsule twice per day): Integrate zinc into your daily routine with meals, supporting immune function.
  • Quercetin and Nettles (3 capsules twice per day): Enhance zinc’s efficacy by facilitating its entry into cells, aiding in virus deactivation. Take with any meals for optimal absorption.
  • Allimax (3 capsules twice per day): Leverage the power of this patented allicin extract with high potency, odorless and effective against bacteria, yeasts, and other pathogens. Use when symptomatic, exposed to illness, or feeling under the weather.
  • SPM Supreme (3 gel caps twice per day): Optimize your immune response by balancing inflammation. This higher dose is particularly beneficial during illness, reducing the risk of post-viral complications and autoimmune flares.
  • Therasomal Glutathione (4 pumps morning and night): Support your immune system’s equilibrium and ward off post-viral complications. This regimen, especially beneficial for those with Hashimoto’s, helps prevent viral-mediated autoimmune flare-ups.

When I am feeling sick, I use this protocol for 7-10 days. Not only can it potentially reduce the duration of illness, but it can also serve as a preventive measure against Hashimoto’s flare-ups. Your health is a priority, and this personalized approach aims to guide you through a winter recovery with resilience and vitality.

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