About Inna Topiler, Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Want my insights on what is REALLY going on with your thyroid?

What does life look like with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and autoimmune diseases?

You can have anything you dream

your ideal weight, loads of energy, clarity, better digestion, balanced hormones, thick long hair, clear skin…it’s all possible.

I have all of that now…
BUT it wasn’t always this way.

What does life look like with Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s and autoimmune diseases?

You can have anything you dream

your ideal weight, loads of energy, clarity, better digestion, balanced hormones, thick long hair, clear skin…it’s all possible.

I have all of that now…
BUT it wasn’t always this way.

Inna Topiler

In my early 20’s, I had a glamorous career on Wall Street, but my life was much different than what you would expect of someone that should be living it up in New York City.

I was so fatigued all the time and had terrible brain fog. My stomach was a mess and seemed to determine my mood for the day. I couldn’t make plans too far ahead because I didn’t know the kind of day i will have. Will I have a headache, a belly ache or PMS? On top of all this, I also had terrible acne and hair loss. My hair got so thin and would not grow past my shoulders no matter what I tried.

I started with my primary. She told me all my labs were normal and could not understand why I was feeling this way. I saw a gastroenterologist who told me I had IBS and will likely have to “live with it”. I saw a neurologist for the headaches who told me I needed to exercise more, but I was so tired I just didn’t have the energy to go to the gym. I saw a dermatologist for my acne who gave me antibiotics but all that did was give me a yeast infection for which I had to go see a gynecologist.

I wasn’t getting anywhere. I felt disconnected. None of my doctors were speaking to each other or seeing if my symptoms were even related.
Instead my doctors questioned my persistent symptoms and asked if they were in my head.

I felt sick, angry, upset and completely lost. I felt abandoned by medicine and slighted by doctors.

But mostly, I felt betrayed by my body – I blamed myself because it seemed like everyone else was.

I knew my symptoms were related.
After several more doctor appointments, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto’s.

I was actually excited to have a diagnosis because I was sick and tired of hearing that there was nothing wrong.

However, my doctor told me that since my actual thyroid labs were “normal” there was nothing I could do for the Hashimoto’s.

Instead, I’d have to live with my symptoms. I was told the Hashimoto’s would eventually destroy my thyroid because that is what Hashimoto’s does and then (and only then) I’d be on lifelong medication. Oy!

As you can imagine, this is not what I wanted to hear and deep down knew that the mystery hadn’t been solved.

Then, I stumbled upon a website for a naturopathic doctor and a functional nutritionist. I realized that other people with Hashimoto’s suffered with my symptoms too. I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t crazy.

For the first time in years, I had hope.

After functional lab tests, I discovered I had several bacterial infections, chronic viruses, heavy metals, various deficiencies and hormone imbalances that were all triggers for Hashimoto’s and even though my original doctor said my thyroid was fine, it actually wasn’t and I had subclinical hypothyroidism and low T3 which is the active thyroid hormone.

All of this was related and was creating my symptoms, but even more exciting, they all had a solution.

The relief was INCREDIBLE.

Finally I saw that I could get my old life back and see the woman that had been there but was pushed down by all of my symptoms.

Once I started supporting my underlying issues (and boy did I have many!), my body started to cooperate. My brain fog lifted, the chronic headaches went away, my IBS subsided, fatigue disappeared and the acne cleared up. I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be healthy and live a normal life.

Inna Topiler

So I made it my mission to help others solve their thyroid 
and health mysteries, and I gave up my career on Wall Street.

For almost 20 years, I’ve been a board certified clinical nutritionist specialist practicing a functional approach to health. And I’ve helped thousands of people take back control of their lives and see what truly is possible!

So if you are thinking,

Are these things possible for me with thyroid issues?


Family Photo

Can you have good energy with Hashimoto’s?

YES! I take care of 2 little kids and have a full time practice, podcast and online platform.

Inna Topiler

Can you think clearly with Hashimoto’s?

YES! The brain fog CAN lift and I no longer struggle with all of my tasks

Before and After Inna

Can you have flowing hair and good skin?

YES! After supporting my body from all angles, I do now

Can you be at your ideal weight?

YES! By supporting my thyroid type I have been at the same weight for years

Inna and Babies

Can you get pregnant with Hashimoto’s?

YES! I have 2 little ones!
I had Jake at 37
AND I had Juliette at 41 (take that OB who asked me why I was so old lol)

Can you live a full and
exciting life?

For sure!
You can do ANYTHING with Hashimoto’s

About Inna Topiler

Inna Topiler is the founder of Complete Nutrition and Wellness – an integrative wellness practice, the host of Thyroid Mystery Solved Podcast and the educator behind the Thyroid Mystery Solved Program.

She is a Board Certified Nutrition Specialist and holds a masters degree in human nutrition from the University of Bridgeport. Inna has completed a myriad of continuing education programs to not only maintain her degree but to accelerate her knowledge among the many healing spectrums. In addition to the many functional medicine courses on hormones, thyroid, digestion and autoimmunity, she completed education and certifications in trauma, psychoimmunology, hypnosis, internal family systems, energy work and various coaching modalities.

Since starting her practice in 2006, she has helped thousands get to the root of their underlying health issues and reclaim their health. Inna has been featured in various publications such as Fitness, Elle and the New York Times and is often referred to by various medical doctors who seek her help. She is sought after not only in New York but also nationally and internationally.

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