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The Case of the Stubborn Hashimoto’s w/ Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Going beyond biochemistry to get to the energetic root of slow thyroid and autoimmunity

The Case: 

  • Avery is 37 and was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism ten years ago. 
  • Despite taking medication, she still suffered from weight issues, fatigue, constipation and dry, brittle hair. 
  • Additional testing revealed she had Hashimoto’s. 
  • She made the lifestyle changes suggested, little changed. 

Avery’s experience is not totally uncommon. The traditional medical system helped treat her symptoms but it wasn’t until she turned to functional medicine that she was able to get to the real root of the problem. Or, so she thought. When I met with her, I knew there was still a piece of the puzzle that was missing and it would required her to be open minded about the cause of her health issues. 

The Investigation

When we feel ill or our body is not functioning the way we want it to, we think about all of the physical things that could be wrong with it. For many people, solving their health mystery doesn’t need to go any further than this. But, for Avery we had to go beyond the physical and dig a little into the health of her energy. This is the truly holistic approach. 

Dr. Kyrin Dunston learned this through her own personal journey. She was a busy and successful OB GYN who struggled every day with her own physical health. She was overweight, lethargic, and dealing with the chronic pain of Fibromyalgia. She tried all of the traditional ways to regain her health but all of her tests came back normal, leaving her stumped by her persistent ill-health. 

She was as surprised as anyone that her solution did not lie in traditional medicine (which she loved, practiced, and was devoted to) but rather in functional medicine and energy work. Now, she shares her new approach to women’s health through online programs and her podcast, Her Brilliant Health Radio. 

Physical is a Manifestation of the Energetic

Our physical body is a manifestation of our energetic body and this is true for everyone. This might seem unscientific but research has proven it. For example, our electromagnetic field can be red outside of us (using HeartMath technology) proving that it goes beyond the one job we originally assumed it did. These energies are accessible for health, healing and communication. This is new in the Western world but other cultures have believed this (and build their health care around it) for centuries. Acupuncture is a good example of this. 

Consider the Underlying Energy

In any physical healing from disease, we have to consider the underlying energetic component. For instance, in Hashimoto’s or issues with the thyroid, it’s important to look at the energy center in the throat, or Throat Chakra. This is where energy is affected by and affects our communication and ability to speak our truth. Energy disturbances here could come from a long-held inability to speak up or share our true authentic self. Until that energy is addressed, the physical body will struggle. 

Little ‘t’ Trauma

We talked in episode 007 about how our belief systems can impede our efforts for optimal health. In this episode, Dr. Kyrin explains that beliefs and long-held traumas interfere with the health of your energetic self. Traumas come in many forms. The ones we often think about are easy to quantify – a major accident, experience violence, witnessing something horrific – but there are other traumas that can also have an impact. Referred to as small t traumas, these could include incidences in your childhood that even you wouldn’t consider traumatic but that have left a scar on your energy or psyche. Even if they don’t register as traumatic experiences, they can still shape our biology. 

Energetic Comes First

Before a physical illness, we experience an energetic interference. Every physical illness has an energetic counterpart. To get to the root of potential energetic origins of illness, Dr. Dunston suggests looking into the history of the issue and making a personal inquiry with journaling. For many people, this is too hard to navigate on their own and they may want to seek the help of an expert on integrating physical issues with chakras or doing energy work. This is important because it can be complex. For example, an issue like Hashimoto’s deals with the throat (thyroid) but also with the root chakra – so there may be more than one energetic blockage or disturbance at play.

The Spaces Between

Despite being raised by a ‘hippie’ who helped her connect to her energy and intuition at a young age, Dr. Kyrin was drawn to medicine. After she rediscovered the importance of energy work in her own health journey, she didn’t want to let go of the scientific side. Luckily, science has proof of something beyond the physical. She cites the Nobel Prize being awarded to the discovery of Higgs-Boson Particle which looks at the space between the known particles.  She believes that there is a consciousness of the universe – and we should be careful what we ask for because it answers both negative and positive requests (as she discovered). 

Energy Work + Functional Medicine

Often, when we can’t find an answer to a health mystery, the final clue is not physical at all. Dr. Dunston believes that you have to do the energy work along with the functional medicine. Doing one without the other is addressing only half of the issue. If you focus on only one, you may miss key imbalances or issues and your health mystery may never truly be solved. 

Happy Ending

It was a long and frustrating journey for Avery. Everytime she got an answer, she was able to feel a little bit better. Once she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s she was able to address several triggers and felt a little bit better but she knew there was still something, underlying, that was keeping her from experiencing optimal health. 

We looked into her past and found that she was hanging on to limiting beliefs about self expression and was struggling to connect with her authentic self – exactly the kind of issue Dr. Kyrin spoke of in relation to the blockage of the throat chakra. 

Avery confronted her past, released some long-denied truths, and through meditation she activated her 5th chakra. 

We also solved some stubborn biochemical challenges with a heavy metal detox. 

Three months later, she was feeling so much better. The proof of all of this work showed up in her physical blood tests too – her antibodies had dropped significantly. 

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Avery we were able to find that missing piece of the health puzzle and help her regain her health. Could energy blockages be the missing clue for you or someone in your life? 


Thanks to my guest Dr. Kyrin Dunston. She has also offered up a free medication called “Meditationfor Her Brilliant Hormone Balance” which you can download here:

 You can connect with her on her website: or on social media – Instagram or Facebook

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