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Revealed! The Equation for Being Healthy and Feeling Good with Hashimoto’s

Feeling Good with Hashimoto’s may Seem Impossible. Here’s How to Make it Possible.

The Investigation

Most Hashimoto’s diagnoses come with many mixed emotions. On one hand, there is finally an explanation for all of your many symptoms, but on the other hand, the diagnosis brings on a slew of emotions like frustration, feeling lost, and uncertainty. And, for some, it can bring a devastating sense that life will never be the same again.

I get so many questions from my community like, can I still get pregnant with Hashimoto’s? Can I have balanced hormones with Hashimoto’s? Can I ever get my energy back? Can my hair ever grow and be thick again? Can my digestive issues resolve? Can I ever get rid of my brain fog? And the list goes on and on and on.

I am here to tell you that as mysterious as many of the symptoms may seem, having Hashimoto’s doesn’t have to be a barrier to you living a good, healthy life. 

My Personal Experience with Hashimoto’s

I was first diagnosed at 25. Everything was so overwhelming and I worried that my health would be compromised for the rest of my life. I was so wrong. 

I was able to have children (I have 2). I have more than enough energy to take care of my young kids, run a full-time practice, and run an online business educating and supporting hundreds of students through their own Hashimoto’s journey. I’ve also been able to defy the norms of Hashimoto’s by having strong healthy hair and clear skin. I feel healthier now than I did when I was first diagnosed. My fears were unfounded and I want you to know that everything is possible. I was inspired by my friend, Hal Elrod who wrote The Miracle Equation because I believe that the first step in overcoming issues related to Hashimoto’s starts with his approach:

  1. Believe that you can. It’s that faith, that knowing (even if you fake it before you make it) that you can and you will get through this. 
  2. Take action. Continuously put in the effort to make your desired health a reality.

You need both of these for the equation to work. If one side goes, everything comes tumbling down. You need to take action and believe that you can be healthy and feel good again. 

If you need support on either part of this equation, you’ve got me in your corner. Through this podcast and, more specifically, through my Thyroid Mystery Solved free training and complete program, I’m here to help you get clear on the actions you need to take. I’m also there to help you keep the faith! 

The Two-Fold Approach to Healing Hashimoto’s

When it comes to what actions you need to take, the picture can be a bit confusing. There is so much conflicting information out there and so many people who feel that this or that tactic didn’t work. I know exactly why these don’t work. It’s because you have to use a two-fold approach. You cannot deal with your Hashimoto’s symptoms in a vacuum. You have to also support your immune system. 

This is the most important thing to remember when you are working at improving your health with Hashimoto’s. It does not matter what you do for your Hashimoto’s if your immune system is not supported, it will continue to attack your thyroid. And, you can’t just support your immune system without addressing your Hashimoto’s symptoms if you want to see improvements in your health. The two-fold approach is the only thing I have seen work in my long experience helping clients with Hashimoto’s. 

Why The Slow Road is Better for Hashimoto’s

In this episode, I share the stories of two friends. These stories perfectly illustrate why, despite it being the harder path, we do sometimes have to take the slow road to recovering our health. Quick fixes seldom stick. 

I know this is hard to hear when you’re suffering with Hashimoto’s but the process of working your way through your issues and drilling down until you find the root of the problem is going to mean that you land on a solution that is sustainable. Plus, you will appreciate your hard-won health and so, will respect it and continue to stay committed to maintaining it.

Your current health journey is a necessary part of your future good health. Remember to keep that faith that you can get better!

How to Get Support on Your Path to Living Healthy with Hashimoto’s

As I explain in this episode, you need to both take action and you need to be steadfast in your belief that living healthy with Hashimoto’s is possible for you. 

These two things helped me regain my health. That’s why, when I decided to create a program to help you overcome Hashimoto’s I included elements that address both the mindset and the specific and customized actions you need to take to regain your health. 

I also created this program because I know how hard you work to try to find all of the answers. I know that you’ve hit that wall of frustration and thought, why can’t there be one place with all of the answers and a clear plan for me to follow. 

I know because I’ve sat across from client after client who have said that exact thing. 

I know because I’ve been there.

In this episode, I give you an overview of the Thyroid Mystery Solved program and invite you to discover for yourself what it feels like to be on your path to living healthy with Hashimoto’s instead of being stuck in that limbo of research and half efforts. 

This program is different from anything you’ve found online because we start by identifying your thyroid type. This is critical because the actions you need to take are based on your thyroid type. Most other approaches are a one-size-fits-all. 

Next, we look at the thyroid issue from every angle, taking into consideration all of the different systems involved. This goes beyond that two-fold approach I mentioned earlier – it is far more extensive. 

Yes, the program does cover diet (it even includes meal plans and recipes), exercise, mindset, and how to support your different systems and organs that is specific to you and your thyroid type. Plus, you will uncover and solve your specific Hashimoto’s triggers (this will be different for everyone which is another reason why we don’t want a one size fits all approach and why its so important for things to be customized)

You will also have access to me. 

I don’t mind sharing that this is one of the ONLY ways that you can get access to me because my practice calendar is full and I am not able to take new clients. You can jump the queue and have access to me directly through this program. I think this is also where so much of the value of the program comes from. Maybe you’ve already paid for doctor visits that resulted in more frustration. Maybe you’ve even gone to see an integrative doctor and paid to get one or two answers. Now imagine having access to me for all of your questions. How many hundreds of dollars will you save getting your questions answered through the program instead of having to pay for each one? 

It’s an incredibly extensive program that is totally customized to you and your journey. That’s the best part; YOUR path is clearly laid out for you so that all you have to do is take action and believe that you can get better. And I’ll be there to keep you on track. 

No more wasting hours searching for answers. No more half measures that get you a fraction of the result you want. No more feeling hopeless and overwhelmed. 

It’s the program I wish I had 20 years ago. I don’t want you to wait that long to live life in good health. 

Next Steps

You have two choices, learn more with the free training or start your journey today (and save during the month of March 2023) by saying yes to the full program


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Thyroid Mystery Solved Program Free Training on Understanding Your Thyroid Type and the 2- fold approach to Hashimoto’s

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