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Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Food sensitivities afflict over 70% of the US population with a potential to cause, or further complicate existing health problems. Symptoms can range from fatigue to IBS to eczema, among many others. Most people are completely unaware of the burdens they tolerate due to these sensitivities.

Have you tried multiple treatments and/or medications for your health ailments with little or no results? Frequently, food sensitivities are the missing link in spotting causes of illness often overlooked by medical doctors.

With our state of the art tests you can:

  • Discover all of your hidden vulnerabilities
  • Know exactly what foods to limit or avoid and find convenient alternatives-knowledge is power
  • Watch your health transform immediately

Many patients have seen dramatic results with as little as one minor tweak to their diet.

I was amazed what a difference taking milk out of my diet has made. I never realized that a food I consumed every so often can have such a major role in how I feel. Thank you for helping me figure it out! I no longer suffer from sinus problems and constipation”

– Alexandra

Alleviate the following symptoms in a matter of days:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Weight Gain
  • Stomach Disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Hyperactivity/ADD
  • Arthritis
  • Asthma
  • Skin Disorders (i.e. Acne, Eczema)
  • Recurring ear infections in children
  • Depression
  • And much more…

It is easy to justify many of these symptoms to other causes, not even considering that certain parts of your diet could be the culprit. For example, you may think that a recurring headache is from sitting at a desk for long periods of time when in fact it could be caused by something you eat.

The Alcat Test

  • Identifies up to 200 foods and 50 molds, food additives and environmental chemicals
  • Simple Blood Draw
  • Measures blood cells’ reactions, mimicking what actually happens when the food is consumed.
  • May be reimbursable by insurance and FSA eligible

IgG and IgA Antibody Testing

  • Identifies up to 180 foods
  • Available through blood draw or finger prick
  • Measures antibodies made to various foods and chemicals
  • Partially covered by United and Cigna and reimbursable by other carriers, FSA eligible

Based on your concerns, we will recommend the test that is most suitable for you.

The only way to zero in on hidden sensitivities is through proper testing.

Why Standard Allergy Tests Do Not Measure up

Standard allergy tests are performed on the skin and only measure immediate reactions such as the onset of a rash or anaphylactic shock directly after consuming a specific food like peanuts or shellfish. These types of allergies are actually very rare, occurring in only 3% of the population. They are also very well defined, making the causes relatively simple to identify.

In contrast, delayed reactions causing the symptoms listed above are far more common. They occur in your digestive tract and can take hours or even days to present themselves. Standard allergy tests are simply not equipped to consider these.

Why Food Journals can be ineffective

Due to the delayed nature of these sensitivities, it is difficult to find them by simply paying attention to what you eat with a food diary. You can eat something for breakfast, yet not react to it until after dinner or even the next day, making food jounals and food tracking only a crude tool. This is akin to a police detective questioning 10 suspects one at a time hoping for a confession when DNA evidence could spare them the trouble. You may eventually have a clue, but you would have to concentrate on one potential suspect (food) at a time and interrogate (experiment with your diet) for days, if not weeks in hopes of finding the offender. Our tests will remove any doubt and save you valuable time and effort.

Why Are We Sensitive to Different Foods?

The simple answer: The immune system does not always act in our best interest.
Under normal circumstances, the immune system protects the body from the harmful effects of invading elements such as viruses, bacteria and toxins. However, when imbalances occur, it can often overreact to benign substances such as foods.

As digestion and gastrointestinal health decline through poor diet, digestive issues or aging, we become more and more vulnerable to this phenomenon. Foods do not break down properly in our stomach and undigested proteins make their way into the bloodstream. Because these particles do not belong there, the immune system mounts a response and develops antibodies to combat them. The next time you eat that food, your body actually recognizes it as a foreign invader and attacks, resulting in harmful symptoms. More importantly, the longer you continue to unknowingly consume this food, the more frequent and prolonged the reaction becomes.

The Autoimmune Connection

Undigested particles can also have similar structures to naturally occurring proteins in the bloodstream.
When cells mistake one for the other, your body can actually begin to attack itself!
If undetected, chronic and debilitating autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis may develop.

Pricing and Insurance

Food sensitivity/ALCAT testing varies depending on the amount of foods that are tested and are paid directly to the lab for best pricing. We encourage you to submit the lab receipt to your insurance carrier as many patients get fully reimbursed.

We do need an initial appointment first so that we can get a detailed health history and get to know you (we cannot legally run tests on people who are not our patients) but also we can customize the type of foods tested that would be the most beneficial for you as there are a few different food panels available. Depending on your concerns and goals, the panels that are best for you may be different than some other patients.

Furthermore, a big part of the initial consultation focuses on eating habits and food education so that you know not just what foods are best but also how to combine them and time meals properly. We also look at the reasons why patients develop food allergies and sensitivities in the first place and work on not just avoiding the foods that come up on the test but also healing your whole system to help reverse the sensitivities and to help prevent future food sensitivities from arising. This process of looking at the whole body guarantees the most success and the quickest results with your program.

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