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Underlying Causes of Recurring Candida w/ Dr. Michael Biamonte

Can Heavy Metals be the underlying cause of chronic Candida Overgrowth?

The Case: 

  • Alessia has suffered from Candida multiple times.  
  • She tried very strict Candida diets and various anti-fungal herbs
  • She would feel better for a while, but then it would come back.

Candida, as it is often referred to, is actually Candidiasis, a fungal infection caused by a yeast called Candida. According to the CDC, “Candida can cause infections if it grows out of control or if it enters deep into the body (for example, the bloodstream or internal organs like the kidney, heart, or brain).”

The Investigation

When I first met Alessia, her frustration was clear. She’d done so many things right and could not understand why she continued to struggle with this mysterious recurrence of Candida. I was determined to find out what else was going on. I noted that she ate a good amount of fish and lived in an old house – both clues. She also had symptoms of estrogen dominance which can affect candida growth. 

The tests she’d had were all gut related so I knew there was more to be revealed with different tests. 

Whenever I think of Candida issues, I think back to my own health struggles. The person who helped me was Dr. Michael Biamonte (who appeared on Episode 033) so I reached out to him again to consult on this mystery. Dr. Biamonte is the founder of the Biamonte Center for Clinical Nutrition. He’s been in practice for 30 years and is also the author of The Candida Chronicles: A Manual for Candida Yeast Infections. 

Candida and Heavy Metals

There are many things that can cause Candida overgrowth however when it continues to come back, heavy metals have to be suspected. Dr. Biamonte says that he finds heavy metal toxicity in 25% of his patients with chronic Candida (meaning they have had it on and off for 5 years and that even when it appears to subside, it comes back within 6 months). 

Most Common Heavy Metals Impacting Candida

The most common heavy metal issues he sees are with copper, mercury and aluminium. Copper and mercury depress the immune system when they are at toxic levels. Copper is an essential mineral but too much of it can cause an overgrowth of Candida. Aluminium plays a role in Candida overgrowth because it’s very alkalizing. This can be a bit confusing because many health experts recommend an alkaline diet that results in alkaline urine and blood. However, aluminium alkalizes your intestinal tract, which is not good as it stimulates the overgrowth of Candida. 

Sources of Heavy Metals Copper, Mercury and Aluminium

Both Copper and Mercury are amalgam metals that are used in dental fillings. Copper can also be found in copper pipes (which may still be in use in older houses), in copper IUDs, and even in cookware. Mercury exposure can also come from fish. Aluminium exposure often comes from tin cans, aluminum cookware, antiperspirants, and even antacid medications. There are also a variety of food sources that can introduce heavy metals into the body. 

Diet and Estrogen

Exposure to heavy metals isn’t the only factor in toxicity. Diet, blood type and hormone levels can all affect the body’s ability to metabolize metals. When the body can excrete the metals, then a build up can occur and a detox is necessary to rid the body of these metals. 

Testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity

There are several tests that can identify if the body has an excess of heavy metals. One of the key tests is a hair analysis test. This not only shows toxic metal levels but the levels of beneficial metals and minerals. This way we can interpret how the metals are interacting with minerals like calcium or magnesium which provides a bigger picture. Sometimes, hair analysis tests don’t reveal the whole picture. When heavy metals are not being metabolized, then they will not show up in the hair analysis. In those cases, if heavy metals are suspected, urine and stool samples preceded by chelation protocols would be the better indicator of an issue.   

Chelation and Elimination of Heavy Metals

Heavy metals that are trapped in the body (for example, copper is stored in the liver) need help leaving the body. This can be accomplished through a combination of things such as chelation, coffee enemas, or by introducing a binding protein to carry the metals out. This can take some time and not all metals detox at the same time. Hormone imbalances can also play a role in the body’s inability to excrete heavy metals, so hormone balancing is another approach in encouraging natural heavy metal detoxification. 

Mystery Solved

After running a heavy metal panel through Quicksilver Scientific as well as a hair test through trace minerals labs, I found Alessia had a lot of copper in her body as well as a bit of mercury. I also suspected the mercury may be even higher than it was showing up to be because her body was prioritizing excreting the copper first. 

Next Steps

I had Alessia take 1 P5P B6, 2 Zinc Supremes, 1 NAC, 6 pumps of BitterX  and 1 tsp of C+Biofizz per day while also cleaning up her diet and making sure her water was coming from a clean source. She was drinking tap water so I recommended the AquaTru Pitcher which uses reverse osmosis technology. 

Four months later, a hair test revealed her copper level was down almost 75% but, as I suspected, her mercury was elevated. I added IMD by Quicksilver along with liposomal glutathione and the ultra binder. Alessia also used an infrared sauna a few days a week while continuing with a clean diet, low in fish. 

After 6 more months the metals were down to a normal range. In order to reduce the chances of a Candida flare up, we used a combination of Tricycline and FC Cidal followed by SF 722 for its antifungal benefits. 

Happy Ending

When we were done, Alessia was feeling great! Her digestion improved significantly, brain fog, skin irritation, and yeast infections were gone and her energy was way better. And, it stayed that way – no more recurring Candida! Alessia was relieved. 

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Alessia, we were able to find that missing piece of the health puzzle and help her regain her health. Could this be the missing clue for you or someone in your life? 


Resources mentioned

Foods high in metal lists:

https://www.livestrong.com/article/318127-list-of-foods-that-are-high-in-mercury/ https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/foods-high-in-copper.

Thanks to my guest Dr. Michael Biamonte. You can connect with him on his website or Facebook. You can also check out his book The Candida Chronicles: A Manual for Candida Yeast Infections. Dr. Biamonte also mentioned a book by Dr. David L Watts called Trace Elements – you can find out more about that here

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