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The Case of Significant Spider Veins w/ Belinda Brown

Hip Pain and Varicose Veins Led to the Hidden Health Problem

The Case:

  • Victoria is a 45 year-old mom of three who works full time.
  • In the last 9-months, severe pain in her hip has made her active lifestyle difficult.
  • She was treated by a physiotherapist and a chiropractor and even tried natural supplements but nothing helped.

The Investigation

When I met Victoria, I noticed she had spider veins on same leg that was in pain. I suspected that was a clue.

Spider veins, a form of varicose veins, are abnormally enlarged vessels that usually appear on the legs like dark blue or red squiggly lines. About 50% of the population develop spider veins but women are more susceptible, especially as they age.

Many people consider spider veins to be a cosmetic problem that’s not how they are viewed in chinese medicine.

That’s why I turned to Belinda Brown for help with Victoria’s health mystery. Belinda is a classical acupuncturist with a busy practice in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Acupuncture Works with the Body’s Qi

Qi (pronounced chee) is the flow of energy through our body. We are in good health when our Qi is moving smoothly. When it is blocked or stagnant, or deficient we experience illness. Qi travels along meridians (or pathways) in the body. Acupuncture is the ancient art of unlocking or activating the Qi along these meridians.

The Difference between Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Many people have heard of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM as it is the most common in the United States. This approach to acupuncture works with 12 meridians. Belinda practices Classical Acupuncture which recognizes 76 meridians.

Vanity is Not the Only Concern for Spider Veins

Often spider veins make people self conscious of their looks. But, vanity is not the only reason to have your spider vein looked at. Belinda explains that spider veins can be an indicator that there is something deeper going on. Spider veins can be the body trying to push illness up to the surface. This negatively impacts the body’s Qi, specifically the Luo Meridian.

Restore the Qi to Create an Opportunity for Healing

By releasing the vessels involved in the spider veins, you can restore Qi and create a better environment for healing. While it may seem like this is a cosmetic solution, the treatment of these spider veins can have a dramatic affect on the illness that caused them.

Mystery Solved

In Victoria’s case, the spider veins and the pain in her hip were both signs that she had a benign tumor – something that doctors hadn’t even looked for. Belinda knew pretty quickly that something was off and she was able to pinpoint the issue. By treating the spider veins through acupuncture, not only was she able to reduce the appearance of the veins, she was able to restore the Qi and reduce the size of the growth.

Victoria ignored the spider veins, shrugging them off as part of getting old. She tried to work through her hip pain. By working with Belinda and I she was able to see that these two seemingly unrelated things we actually clues to a serious issue she didn’t even know she had.

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Victoria, we were able to find that missing piece of the health puzzle and help her regain her health. Could spider veins be a clue that you or someone you love is missing? Don’t just treat spider veins, speak to an acupuncturist to find out if they’re trying to reveal the secrets of your well-being.

Thanks to my guest, Belinda Brown. You can connect with her on her website:

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