Hypothyroidism Turning Your Hair Gray? Natural Solutions with Jay Small and Allison Conrad

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Hypothyroidism Turning Your Hair Gray? Try This Natural Solution with Jay Small and Allison Conrad

The Internal and External Way to Reduce Gray Hair

The Case: 

  • Annetta is 40 and is suddenly noticing a lot of gray hair. 
  • She has been coloring her hair for years and is afraid the chemicals may interfere with her thyroid issues and autoimmunity. 
  • She’s noticed her hair has also been thinning and looking dryer than normal. 

I’ve shared my journey to find chemical-free hair dye in the past because chemicals can be such a big trigger for Hashimoto’s. Check out episodes 121 and 142

The Investigation

When I met Annetta, I could tell there were a few things at play. She was already turning to more natural products but I knew there was more we could do. I also knew exactly where to look to solve her health mystery.

Hypothyroidism and Hair Health

Hypothyroidism (and Hashimoto’s), plays a pivotal role in our hair’s health. When our thyroid function is compromised, it can manifest externally through hair thinning, dryness, or even accelerated graying. Addressing the root causes internally is as vital as nurturing our hair externally. 

While this is true, for Annetta the graying had been so sudden and in conjunction with the other typical hypothyroidism hair issues. Most people over 40 wouldn’t consider going gray to be a health mystery. Was there anything she could do? I wanted to find out so I connected with Jay Small and Allison Conrad who are experts in the field. 

They have developed a natural hair care system that works on restoring hair and scalp health to reduce the appearance of gray hair. 

Unlocking the Peptide Potential for Gray Hair Repair

Peptides, notably a clinically effective one highlighted by Jay, are emerging as groundbreaking in the haircare realm. These small chains of amino acids have demonstrated promise in not only slowing the graying process but also aiding in repigmentation. Jay explains that the key is ensuring these peptides reach the hair strand’s core. Their formulation does that without causing adverse effects, blending the best of nature and science.

The Importance of Scalp Nourishment

If the skin is the window to our internal health, the scalp is the foundation for vibrant hair growth but most people don’t think of their scalp health that way. Both Jay and Allison stressed the significance of a nourished scalp for thriving hair health. This includes supplying the right nutrients and antioxidants to prevent and slow down oxidative stress which has a big negative effect on the hair follicle. 

Something that Annetta mentioned to me was that sometimes when she scratches her head there is residue under her nails. Jay and Allison explain that many people experience this and it can be part of the problem. The aim is to eliminate barriers like dead skin cells and excess oil that can compromise hair health. Innovative solutions (like their scalp scrub) incorporate mild exfoliants and acids and are designed to foster a conducive environment for hair growth. They don’t recommend a more aggressive approach using a scalp brush. 

Gray Hair: Prevention and Management

As we age, the emergence of gray hair is inevitable. Yet, the onset and progression of graying can be influenced. Jay and Allison were telling me about their different products but I had to wonder if there was a point of no return when going gray. Allison says that their solutions are effective on hair that is less than 30% gray. Their studies have found that if there is less than 30%, the product can prevent or slow more graying, and even reverse some by enhancing the texture, vitality, and overall health of our hair. However even when there is more than 30%, supporting the scalp and using the products can help slow down the remaining hair’s graying process.

Balancing Act: Ingredients That Count

They are confident in their products because they did a lot of research and selected their ingredients meticulously for the shampoo, serum, scrub and supplements. There was one ingredient on their conditioner list that I wanted to question – silicone. Jay explained that in the realm of silicones, not all are created equal. The positively charged ion of Amodimethicone (which is what they use) prevents build-up, ensuring hair remains healthy and vibrant and most of all smooth but without the build up. I was super happy to hear this and to learn that not all silicones are created equal.

Mystery Solved

The scalp is responsible for so much when it comes to hair and just as we can support our skin and do many things to help the aging process on our skin, we can also do the same for our scalp. From antioxidants to proper moisturizing and targeted support, giving our scalp the needed TLC is imperative for healthy hair and has a big effect on how quickly hair may gray.

This was an important clue to solving Annetta’s gray hair mystery. But, it wasn’t the only clue. 

I ran detailed blood work which revealed that she was slightly low in B12 and iron. She also had low vitamin D and zinc.

We knew she had Hashimoto’s but we needed to run a full thyroid panel to get the whole picture. These tests revealed that she is the ‘unavailable’ hormone type.

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This was another big clue because this type has a lot to do with other hormones. We did a DUTCH test and saw that her body was low in progesterone. 

Next Steps 

We supported her low progesterone to help her body better use her thyroid hormones. We also addressed the vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 

Next, we looked at her specific Hashimoto’s triggers. To address these, we started with a gentle detox based on her specific liver pathways that were sluggish. 

While doing all of this, she changed the type of color she was using to something that had less peroxide and she added nutrients to support her scalp.

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Annetta, we were able to find that missing piece of the health puzzle and help her regain her health. Could this be the missing clue for you or someone in your life? 

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