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The Case of the Dizzy, Tired, Confused Brain w/ Evan Brand

Could common, household mold be the missing clue?

The Case:

  • Jena is 35 who recently moved across the country.
  • Since then, she’s experienced sinus issues, brain fog, dizziness, and fatigue.
  • Her GP sent her to specialists who did countless test but they couldn’t figure out what was going on.

The Investigation

Jena knew there was something going on even though all of the doctors and tests revealed nothing. When she came to me, we looked at a bunch of possible causes that the specialists may have missed. But, when she told me that she’d recently moved into an apartment where they had recently repaired some water damage, I knew we had our first clue to the real cause of her problems.

Mold can cause a great deal of health issues, even if you can’t see it. Evan Brand knows this from personal experience. Now, he’s made it his mission to reveal just how prevalent and harmful mold can be to our health.

Evan is a Clinical Nutritionist who has been studying the effects of mold on the brain and body.

His interest came about when he discovered that exposure to mold was the root cause for his own personal health mystery. With his research as well as the clinical work he’s doing with his clients, Evan has joined a handful of experts on this topic in America.

I was excited to share Jena’s case with him and find out more about mold in our environment and food supply.

The List of Potential Symptoms is Extensive

When mold is present in an environment, it releases ‘mycotoxins’. If a significant amount of mycotoxins enter the body, it can cause a wide range of symptoms including anxiety to heart palpitations to depression to anger and irritability to insomnia, blood pressure problems, cold hands, cold feet, dizziness and vertigo. He says some people have experienced tremors or twitching which could lead to a misdiagnosis of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

Mycotoxins Have an Affinity for the Cerebellum

Many different types of mycotoxins attack the cerebellum which is a part of the brain. This area of the brain is responsible for spatial navigation. This is why people with mycotoxins in their body may find themselves dragging their feet, twitching, experiencing vertigo or feeling dizzy like Jena was.  

It’s Not Just Black Mold

Most people know that black mold in a home is unhealthy but when they don’t see black mold, they think their home is fine. As Evan explains, there are a variety of different molds (some that are hard to spot) that can give off mycotoxins.

Myth: Mold Causes Allergies or Sinus Problems

Many people who are affected by mycotoxins from mold do not experience any allergy-type symptoms, sinus issues, or breathing problems. There are many ways that mycotoxins present so people should be aware that an absence of typical sinus-related issues does not mean that mold is not the cause of health issues.

Mycotoxins Can Also be Ingested

Inhalation of mycotoxins (usually from being in a moldy building) is the number one issues but we can also ingest mold and their byproduct; mycotoxins. Mold on foods is often not visible. The most common carriers of mycotoxins are grains (corns, rice, wheat), peanuts, coffee, chocolate, and wine (grapes)). And, Evan believes that as GMO foods become more prevalent, the risk of mold infections increases.

How to Test for Environmental Mold in Your Home

The gold standard for testing your home or office for mold or the presence of mycotoxins is called the ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index). This is where a sample of the air is collected. Evan feels that this is not the most accurate test. Instead, he recommends doing a ‘plate test’ which can be acquired from Immunolytics Labs (see below for links). These can be used to test your home, your office or even your car – wherever you are spending a significant amount of time.

Testing for Mycotoxins in the Body

Determining levels of mycotoxins in your body requires a specific urine test. Evan recommends also doing an organic acid test just to see the full picture of fungal metabolites at play. This test can be repeated once actions have been taken to gage successes in detoxifying the body.

Detoxing Mycotoxins can be Challenging

When we start to experience symptoms as a result of mycotoxin exposure, it usually means that the body is at a breaking point. We often talk about the bucket being full before we notice anything. To start emptying out the bucket, the environment has to be cleared of mycotoxins, then the diet needs to shift and finally, we have to actively encourage the mycotoxins out of the body. However, we can’t live in a bubble so when we get exposed to mycotoxins in other environments (whether that’s a store we go to or a friends house), our bucket starts filling back up before it’s had a chance to empty.  For this reason, detoxing can take a long time.

Mystery Solved

Evan believes that most of us experience a high level of exposure to mycotoxins which results in almost everyone having some form of toxicity. If you struggle with health issues that seem to have no other explanation, then a simple test may provide you with the answers you’ve been looking for.

For Jena, this was absolutely the case. Once we were able to pinpoint the issue, the investigation moved to her apartment. Luckily, her landlord was proactive. When he discovered that the old leak had not been fixed, he fixed and cleaned out the HVAC system too.

Jena was finally living in a mold free environment so the next step was to rid her body of the toxins. We put her on a strict diet protocol which also included a variety of supplements. Within a few months, her blood tests showed a significant difference in her mycotoxin levels and she was feeling so much better.

Eliminating Health Mysteries

For Jena we were able to track down the root cause of all of her health mysteries and help her feel better. Could mold and the mycotoxins they release be the missing clue for you or someone in your life?

Consider getting tested – it could give you the answers you’ve been looking for. And please share this episode. It could change someone’s life. It changed Jena’s.


Thanks to my guest Evan Brand. You can connect with him on Instagram, Facebook or his website:

If you are interested in testing your environment, here is where you can access the ‘plate test’ we discussed.

Immunolytics Labs

Here is a list of the supplements I mentioned:

Anti-Candida (Antimicrobials)

GI MicrobX FC Cidal MicroGone Oil of Oregano Allicilin

Gut Healing

GI Revive

Mitochondria Support

Methyl  B Complex CoQNol Liposomal Glutathione Liquid AC Glutathione (capsule) *please note, you will need to log into the website to view this one but creating a login is free.


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